Hi, my name is Julian Hysi and I'm a Software Engineer.

Welcome to my blog, where I share my 2 cents on programming and technology.
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About Me

I am a Software Engineer currently based in Tirana, Albania. I have graduated in Software Engineering and I have been working full-time as one, since prior to my graduation.
Most of my work revolves around back-end development, working with databases and writing standalone scripts to automate tasks.
I worked at 2 companies for 4 years before switching to full-time freelancing.

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Tech Stack

My tech belt includes Python, Java, X++, SQL, Flask, Django, pandas, matplotlib, HTML, Bootstrap, Linux, bash, git, vim, nginx, Docker, CircleCI, TFVC, ERP, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL etc.

My Modus Operandi

My code incorporates the OOP paradigm, design patterns, SOLID principles, algorithm complexity, language/framework best practices, documentation, testing, clean code and refactoring, and security measures.


I have experience with DevOps, SCRUM and issue tracking systems, backups, deploying and servers, code and database migrations, technical consultancy, functional requirements writing, large codebases, large teams, hands-on client meetings, talks and presentations, remote work/assistance, junior mentorship, CI/CD, database design and normalization etc.

Looking to learn

I'm a tech enthusiast always looking for something to learn/practice. Right now hot on my list are Machine Learning, TDD, FastAPI, some Javascript framework (React or Vue), functional programming (Clojure), XP, competitive programming.


Outside the world of programming and computers, I enjoy walking and exploring nature, riding the bicycle, eating healthy, reading science and fiction, living a minimalist life, teaching others what I know, learning and continuous self-improvement and spending time with my family.